measure yourself

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Gently wrap the tape around the smallest part of your tummy. Sometimes it's directly over your belly button but often times, it is  not.



Gently wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your booty. Make sure the tape is laying flat and not too snug.

HOW TO: Calculating Cup size

First, note your FULL BUST and UNDERBUST measurements. Then, subtract your UNDERBUST measurement from your FULL BUST measurement. The difference in inches relates to your cup size. Find the difference on the chart below with it's corresponding letter.

Size Chart - Sheet1.jpg


The two bras in this photo are the same band and cup size. The bra on the left is the demi cup and the bra on the right is a full cup. the full cup has a full coverage cut that comes high on the chest. The adjustment hardware  is in the front for super easy adjustability. This is a great option for folks wanting a little more support and coverage in their bralette. The demi cup sits much lower on the chest and has a lower profile on the side cut and the back band. Smaller busts might appreciate this cut.